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Navy Cyber Forces (NAVCYBERFOR)

Navy Cyber Forces (NAVCYBERFOR or CYBERFOR) is an Echelon III command under Commander, US Fleet Forces Command (COMUSFLTFORCOM), and is the Type Commander (TYCOM) for cryptology/SIGINT, cyber, electronic warfare, information operations, intelligence, networks, and space disciplines. Like other TYCOMs, this is the manpower, training, modernization, and maintenance component for these disciplines. Many NAVCYBERFOR personnel will be from Information Dominance Corps (IDC) communities, and much of FLTCYBERCOM's operational manpower will come from NAVCYBERFOR. The commander of NAVCYBERFOR is RADM Gretchen Herbert.


To organize and prioritize, training, modernization, and maintenance, requirements, and capabilities of command and control architecture/networks, cryptologic and space-related systems and intelligence and information operations activities, and to coordinate with Type Commanders,  to deliver interoperable, relevant and ready forces at the right time at the best cost, today and in the future.